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Monday, April 11, 2011

On Pins & Needles

Stumbling Upon Old Cross Stitch

Many years ago, I used
to do a lot of cross stitch.
Now, I only do it when
I travel, mainly because it
is so small, it is easy to pop
into your suitcase.

So I got it into my
head that I would find
these old projects and
finally get them framed
and display them on a
wall in my bedroom.

Of course, that was easier
said than done.  I had no
idea where these things
had gone to.  But as I'm
looking through boxes or
piles of fabric or digging
through the tons of old
linens tucked here and
there I have come across
quite a few pieces
from my past.

Many are ones I made
but others like this one
somehow came into my
life and became part
of the family.

I bought this one
recently just because
I liked the saying.

Some need a bit
more work.

I hope to finally finish this
one on the big trip that
is coming up.

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  1. Wonderful! I think I'll take pictures of mine and post them too: it's a good idea! Years ago I made a lot of cross stitching!


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