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Friday, April 15, 2011

Travel Tales: The Urban 100 Acre Wood

Silly Old Bear

I must start this story
with a little background
information.  The stories
of Christopher Robin,
Winnie the Pooh & friends
are very important in
our family.

Every night for years we would
read stories from the Tales of
Winnie the Pooh.  Rob and I
could do great voices for all the
characters and if you catch us
at the right moment, we still do.

Both of our kids liked Pooh Bear
but especially Brennan.  He had
stuffed animals and puppets.

And banks, clocks and figurines.

Now we will go back to 2003, the
summer of the first Hoosier Experiment.
What is the Hoosier Experiement you may
ask ~ well that's a story for another
time.  But the day I'm talking about is
our first day when it was just me and
the kids and a summer in New York
ahead of us.  I knew exactly what I wanted
to do first.  I just had to find it.
I was looking for a public library branch
in the west 50's.  I was my local branch
when I lived in the neighborhood but
I couldn't remember exactly where it was.
As we were roaming the streets I finally
asked a man and he said he didn't know
but we were in front of a police precinct
and I could ask in there.  OK.  I went in
the lobby and a detective held the door
for me and asked if he could help me. 
I told him I was looking for the nearest library
and he said wait right here and I'll go
look it up.  Cool, this was working out
just great.  And within seconds about
8 detectives come running into the
lobby to get better reception on their
cell phones and they are all yelling into
their phones, "we got a jumpah!"
Oh crud, I pulled the kids next to me
and suddenly felt like I was in an
episode of Law & Order SVU.
They were alerting whatever squad
it is that rescues jumpers from buildings.
With that, our nice detective comes to
rescue us and sends us in the right

This was the first thing we had to
see.  The originals ~ Christopher
Robin's own ~ Pooh, Tigger, Kanga,
Eeyore and Piglet.  Brennan was
beside himself, he loved it.

If you would like to visit these treasures
they have now moved to the Children's
Center on 42nd Street.

Over that summer each of our kids had a
set amount of spending money, Kate used
hers for Hello Kitty and jewelry.  Brennan
used his for a stuffed Pooh Bear from the
New York City Public Library.  I wanted
to include that in this post but can't
because Brennan has it in his dorm room
at school.  I think he made the perfect choice.

I want to wish my Mum
a Happy 88th Birthday!
Those Taylor girls have
great genes.

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  1. What a lovely story!!! I have a soft spot for bears too!!! I love reading bedtime stories to my nephew and find myself speaking in funny voices too as the story progresses, I think the kids love it because they always have a little giggle!!!!


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