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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Arnhem Open Air Museum

Arnhem, the Netherlands
We are traveling through the Netherlands and
today we visited the Open Air Museum in Arnhem.
Wherever I happen to travel, if I see this type
I HAVE to visit.  I learn so much about a place
by viewing a sampling of their houses.
Usually, this type of museum has a collection
of homes and historic buildings from around
the region.
Check out that fabulous roof!
At this museum there are many buildings,
they show how people lived and worked.
They show home styles from the very poor
day laborers to the wealthy.
I want to have a small cottage with these
little cubby hole beds.  There is only room
for the mattress.  It looks so cosy.
This is a unique structure.  It is a small
cottage for a TB patient.  Notice it is on
a turntable so the building can be moved
to be in the sun and to catch the breeze.
There is an old store selling unique items.
And of course, wooden shoes...
After walking around for over 5 hours, I
was exhausted.  I went inside a windmill
and started watching a video.  The video
told of when the townspeople of Arnhem
were forced to leave their town during WWII.
They packed their belongings in baby carriages
and carts pulled by bicycles and headed out
into the streets.  Some of them went to the
museum I was visiting.  I didn't even know
that museum existed in the 40's.  At the time,
600 people from the town went to live in some
of the very houses I had toured that day.
It wasn't until later in the day when I was
back in town, that I found out that day was
Memorial Day in the Netherlands.  That
made our visit even more special.

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