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Friday, May 3, 2013

Cruising Along the Romantic Rhine

We have traveled to Germany to explore the
Romantic Rhine Valley.  We love to find our
own way around the world so we have opted
to jump on and off local ferries as they cruise
along the river.
We left our home village of Bacharach on
the morning's first ferry and headed North.
This area of the Rhine has mountaintop
castles around every bend in the river.
In this shot you can see a castle built right
in the middle of the river, it is the Pfalzgrafstein
Toll Station, it was built to collect tolls along
the river.  Tolls were collected here from
1327 to 1866.
Many of the river towns are wine
villages.  The hillsides are filled with
grape vines producing the lovely Rhine
and Reisling wines.
Along the way you pass the famous rock
called the Lorelei, made famous in myth,
poetry and song.
We hopped off the ferry in the beautiful
little village of Saint Goar.  Some may
love to visit cities but I love to explore
the everyday life in the little villages.
I prefer to peek into the back lanes,
stop at the local bakery and purchase
treasures from local artisans.
The hike up the mountain to the Rheinfels
castle is taxing to the leg muscles and the
lungs.  But it was a beautiful view from up there.
After the hike down the hill it was time
to sit in an outdoor café and watch the
world go by...
Initially we had intended to take the ferry
ride in the morning and then take the train
back to our town, so we only bought one way
tickets.  It turned out to be such a beautiful
day we later wished we had spent the few extra
euros to get a round trip ticket.  We stopped by
the ticket office and explained what we had
done but told them we'd love to take the ferry
back.  They said no problem,  I guess it never
hurts to ask...  And, oh, what a beautiful day
it was!


  1. I love to hear that you enjoy your time in Germany and hope you have more wonderful days here.

  2. Hello, I wish you more wonderful days!!! And be happy: no more snow!!!!

  3. thank you so much for sharing your photos..this is one place I will never get too but enjoy seeing as viewed through your lens truly gorgeous..cheers Vickie

  4. I'm sure you have had a great experience during your vacations. To be honest your article shows the happiness. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, its surely going to help first time travelers.

  5. It all looks like a fairy tale. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.