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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Brocante in Paris

At the top of my list of things to do in
Paris this time was spend some time
at a brocante or flea market.  I consulted
with the Princess of French brocante, Corey
from Tongue in Cheek and she told me Vanves
was her favorite market in Paris.
We planned to be at the market early in the
morning but after being woken up by the
revelers leaving L'Enchanteur at 4:30 and
5:30am we slept a bit later than expected.
Who would think that our little street in the
Marais would be at it's noisiest in the wee
hours of the morning???  A bit of a lingering
breakfast enjoying the beautiful art from the
local patisserie set us back a bit as well.
This was probably our nicest day weatherwise
for the entire time we were in Paris and we
took a stroll through our local park on the
way to the Metro.
When in Amsterdam we went to the Antiques
Market but we were disappointed to find
everything locked up in glass cases.
This was much more our style.  Stall after
stall of old stuff.  The prices were a bit high
for our American dollars.  For instance, we
saw many café au lait cups marked at 38 euro,
that's almost $50 US dollars ~ yeeps!
As we strolled along we saw many of the
dealers packing up their stalls, it was only noon.
Finally I came upon this stall.  Crates
filled with a jumble of stuff from old to
just junk.  A treasure hunt!  There is nothing
I like more than rummaging through boxes
of old stuff.  I said to Mr. Wonderful, "this
is my kind of shopping" ~ just then an elegantly
dressed woman looked up at me and said,
"isn't this the best, it is so much fun!"
This is what we ended up buying.  With our
hands full we asked the dealer how much,
he gave us a French shrug and said, "5 euro?"
Deal!  Why didn't I go back and buy more???
We also picked up this little gem
for the clock collection.
I think I'd like to drive through the
little French villages and go to the
local flea markets and then have a
lovely lunch.  Sounds like a nice way
 to spend a vacation...
What do you think Mr. Wonderful?

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  1. Beautiful finds on your Bunning excursion. And at a good price. Wowie!