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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Grand Place ~ Brussels, Belgium

We are in Brussels and visiting the
Grand Place ~ it was recently voted the
most beautiful square in Europe. This
building is the Town Hall.
Here at the American Homestead travel
guide, we believe in telling the truth so
your trip is as enjoyable as possible.
Make a short stop in Brussels.
There is just not a lot going on in Brussels.
If you are taking the train from say Amsterdam
to Paris, hop off the train in Brussels, don't even
bother to store your bags.  The Grand Place is a
few short blocks away.
Buy some frites, walk around the square and
enjoy the beautiful buildings...
...pick up some chocolates to enjoy later on
the train and get out of town!
I'll share some photos of the beautiful
buildings you will see in the square.
The King's House
Lining the square are many Guild Halls.

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