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Monday, May 13, 2013


This morning we hopped on the RER and
headed out to Versailles.

Officially, Versailles is closed on Mondays.

But we were here for the gardens.

We have already been to the chateau
and felt we didn't need to see it again.

Europe at this time of year has been
so crowded.  Even more crowded than 
when I have been here in June.  This is
why we usually never go to Europe at this
time but this year was Wonderful's big 
birthday and we also wanted to visit 

So to visit the gardens without the tour 
groups and throngs of people was a delight.
(For people from New Jersey in the USA, it 
was like going down the shore in the winter,
my favorite time.)

The Orangerie and the Swiss Lake.

We strolled through vast allees of trees
and viewed tons of statues...

and fountains...

Then, it was time for this:

My favorite part of Versaille is
the Hamlet.

It was Marie Antoinette's escape from 
court life.  She would go here to act like
a peasant.

Renting bicycles is a great way to 
see out of the way places that would
be too far to walk to.

The end of the Grand Canal looking 
back to the Chateau.

As we were leaving the sun finally
came out ~ Murphy's Law.

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