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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Month of May

I love the gardens at my American Homestead,
Avalon.  And... those gardens take a lot of work
each year.  This year we were away the first 18
days of May ~ prime planting time!
I knew I would miss the blooming of the
lilac, one of my favorites.  My sister knew
I would be disappointed so she emailed
me a photo of it in bloom while I was in
the Netherlands.
She also sent me a photo of the stunning
bloom of this crabapple.  I bought this tree
years ago at the end of the gardening season.
I felt sorry for this poor neglected tree, it was
sort of like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.
I took it home and planted it in the front garden
and it stayed there for a few years and pretty
much remained a twig.  I wasn't sure if it was
going to live so I transplanted it to the back
garden and it has been there for many years,
growing very slowly.  Over the past two years
it has really started to thrive, there are many
branches and it is filled with leaves.  And this
year, it bloomed!  It bloomed magnificently.
My sister called me in the Netherlands to let
me know since she knew I'd be so excited.
I was!
Today, these beautiful roses bloomed.
They are a delicious deep pink and smell
the way roses are supposed to smell, just
like the old roses I remember as a child.
So, if anyone is looking for me for the next
week, I'll be in the garden.  I just wish Mother
Nature would co-operate, everytime I put on
my gardening clothes, the raindrops start...

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  1. I adore roses. Yours is so beautiful. Such a deep luscious red.