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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outside My Window ~ Amsterdam

We had an absolutely beautiful apartment in
Amsterdam.  Since we had spent Saturday at
the Open Air Museum in Arnhem, then got up
early on Sunday and had a Murphy's Law
morning of track problems which meant a long
journey and hopping on and off 8 different trains
with luggage, then we toured the largest garden
in the world at Keukenhof.  By the time we made
it back to Amsterdam we were exhausted.

We stopped off at the grocery store and bought
some appetizers and something for dinner. 
This is often part of our travel plan.  We like
to travel, and that gets expensive so we rent
apartments that are often the same price as 
a hotel room.  And in expensive cities, like
Amsterdam, we eat some meals at our
home away from home.

Here is a video I made of the apartment.

Our apartment looks out on the 
lovely Singel Canal.

During dinner we admired the neighboring
buildings.  We especially loved this one with
the red awnings.  And check out that great
car ~ what kind is that?

People were out in boats enjoying
the canals and fabulous weather.

In the middle of our peaceful evening we
heard this.  It looks like a demonstration
but actually it is a celebration for their
soccer team.

This does look quite frightening though.

After dark we took a stroll
through our neighborhood.

Then headed home for some much
needed rest.

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