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Monday, June 3, 2013

Dixie Diary ~ May

Tokens of Dried Roses
We are quilting along with Barbara Brackman's
Block of the Month, Dixie Diary.
In early May when this block came out,
I was hiking up to mountaintop castles
in Germany,  Now I'm back home and
thought, better late than never...
Fabric Requirements:
Fabric A: Blue
1 - 6 1/8'' square
Fabric B: White print
4 - 4 1/2'' squares
1 - 5 1/4'' square, cut on the diagonal twice
Fabric C: Red
2 - 5 1/4'' squares, cut on the diagonal twice
Step 1:
Sew the long side of a Fabric C Triangle to one
side of a Fabric B square.  Press seam to the
Fabric C and trim the dog ears.
Then repeat this step to a side right next to this
on the Fabric B square as shown.  Press seam to
the Fabric C and trim.
Make 4 of these units.
Step 2:
Sew a Fabric B triangle to each side of
the above unit.  Press seams to the Fabric B.
Make 2 of these triangle units.
Step 3:
Sew a unit from step 1 to opposite sides
of  the Fabric A square. Press seams to
the center.
Assemble Block:
Sew a triangle unit from Step 2 to each side
of the unit from Step 3, matching seams.
Press seams to the outside.
Square to 12 1/2''.
I added the border and applique star to mine.
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