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Monday, June 10, 2013

Hippie Feet

We headed down to Broad Ripple
yesterday for some Indian food and
a trip to the health food/Birkenstock
When I was in Europe recently, foot pain
ruined part of my trip.  I just couldn't walk.
One day in Paris I spent the entire day in my
apartment watching youtube, I told Wonderful
to find something I wouldn't like to see and go
see it.  He went to the military museum.  Okay,
that would not interest me, but I still lost an
entire day in Paris!
When I returned home I told my doctor about
the pain and he sent me to a podiatrist.  The
diagnosis is Metatarsalgia.  Last Friday I had
my feet cast for an orthotic and I was feeling very
 old...  Then my podiatrist told me my problem
could be caused by my being so limber.  The
first time he saw me I was sitting in his examining
room with my legs crossed in a yoga position. 
People who stretch a lot can end up with this
pain in their feet ~ at least I didn't feel as old.
When our kids were younger, our house was
the hangout place and this is what our foyer
looked like.  We take our shoes off when we
come in the house and all the kids that would
visit would do the same.  I always thought of
this as a sign of a happy life...
So, I thought walking around with no shoes
was fine for your feet.  Not so.  My podiatrist
has told me to wear an "indoor" pair of
Birkenstocks while in the house.  (I don't
like bringing the "ick" from outside into my
So here they are!  My size 6 Arizonas.
It is strange wearing shoes in the house
but they do make my feet feel wonderful.
I guess Birkenstocks know a thing or two
about shoes since they have been around
since 1774.
For anyone in the Indianapolis area,
this is a great health food store in Broad
Ripple.  When I got back in the car yesterday,
I said I love being a hippie.  Brennan said he
didn't think hippie when he thought of me.
Maybe he was thinking Dead-Head, a little
dirty, flowing dresses type hippie while I think
artistic, bohemian, care about the earth hippie.
Maybe I'm just Hippie Chic!


  1. Oh I do so love my Arizona Birkenstocks. After years of use, I think I need to replace them. Your block no 41 Contrary Wife is a beauty. Wonderful colors.