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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Most of us quilt/craft designers are small
business owners and often it is a one person
operation.  So that means we work all the time...
While on "vacation" in Europe recently I was
stitching away on trains.
I place each separate project in a small
Ziploc with the precut fabric pieces and
a photo of the finished piece to show
placement of the embroidery. 
I have made a travel embroidery kit as
shown on the right which is a metal ring
with a plastic container that used to hold
beads and I roll up a small piece of felt with
pins and needles and place that inside it.  A
collection of floss on plastic floss cards and
a thread cutter.  This has traveled all over the
world and it all goes through security just fine.
This is a bigger kit that I use for car trips,
Me Time and Guild meetings.
I bet many designers on their way to
International Quilt Market are still
putting those last stitches in a binding
while in transit.  I know I have been
guilty of that...
That is how my car ended up with what
we call the Voodoo Visor.  Even if it is
really sunny, my son refuses to put this
visor down, he says it creeps him out
too much.
Stitching out in public in the far corners of
the world can also bring rewards as shown here:

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