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Saturday, June 29, 2013


When we can, Mr. Wonderful & I like
to get up early and go for a Bike, Hike, Bike.
We bike along our town's new bike trail
to our favorite hiking trail and then bike
home again.  The trail is lovely and it reminds
me of the lanes through the tulip fields in Holland.
We pass by pretty houses decorated for
our holiday next week.  The birds are
singing, we even hear a rooster cock-a-doodling...
We started noticing there were other
visitors along the bike path.
Each time we go we see a few more
creatures have been added.
I find it to be a little creepy,
especially after they have been
in the rain.
Is this some new "thing" like yarn
bombing or is it unique to our trail?



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  2. Hello.... first off.. I am sorry that these stuffed animals are offending you... I am one of the people that have put the animals up.. and we have been doing this for awhile now.. kids who go down the trail love seeing the animals.. it is like a nature trail if you have an imagination .... yeah animals don't look good wet, live ones or stuffed ones but that don't mean they will always look like that..please don't ruin this for those which mind you are quite a few that love going on this trail to see the flowers that people have planted , the stuffed animals and just other animals... there have been others who have joined in which is great..almost like a community project... Now after all this.. there has been an incident where some stupid person hung a babydoll naked upside down ..this was not our doing, we only hang family friendly things... I will be taking down the babydoll because it is ridiculous... once again sorry if you were offended ...

  3. I think everyone has good intentions and it is nice to know it was more of a fun thing to do. I hope all of us continue to enjoy the trail and continue the family friendly Intentions that was meant and another who just had concerns that items were just popping up! Everyone continue to enjoy the nature and trail we have in our community.