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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Neat to Eat: Poffertjes

Poffertjes are a Dutch mini, puffy pancake.
They resemble an American Silver Dollar
pancake except they are rounder due to the
pans they are made in.
I first saw poffertjes at the Delft Café in
Schipol Airport in Amsterdam while on
a layover.
I considered ordering them but then
thought traveling 7 hours at 30,000
feet with a belly full of dough may not
be my best choice.
On a beautiful Spring day at the Openluchtmuseum
in Arnhem in the Netherlands I came upon this stand
and since I would be walking for hours that day, I
couldn't pass up the chance to try them.
This building used to be a traveling
building that would be set up in Epe
every summer to serve the wealthy
patrons.  I love the curtains on the
booths.  There are also interesting
murals on the walls.
Since it was such a lovely day, we sat
outside to enjoy the views.  The poffertjes
were delicious!  We had ours in the traditional
style, with butter and powdered sugar.  You can
also have them with jam, chocolate or a Danish
liqueur.  At our hotel in Arnhem and our B&B
in Amsterdam we had them with breakfast.
When I asked the chef at our B&B if I could come
into the kitchen to see how they were made he
told me it was a secret.  The next day the owner
told me they came frozen ~ I guess that was the
secret!  They were still delicious...

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