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Monday, November 21, 2011

Travel Tales: Patpong Night Market ~ Bangkok

Oh! The People You Meet in This Wonderful World!

Most nights when we were in Bangkok,
we would end up at the Patpong Night
Market.  It was withing walking distance
of our hotel and generally near to where
we would have dinner.

The market sells the typical watches,
purses, scarves and t-shirts but it is
like going to a show.  There are so many
things happening around you the atmosphere
is exciting and electric.  I would love to
have this VW van, pull up, flip down the bar
and instant party!

This is where I met Jennifer.  She was
one of the endless people in Asia who
called Brennan Harry Potter.  So, I became
Harry Potter's Mother.  Each night as we
walked through the market I would hear,
"Harry Potter's Mother!"  Kate and I would
buy purses from Jennifer and on the last
night we said a sad farewell.  But the story
doesn't end there.  A few weeks ago, my
brother was back in Bangkok and I sent
him to find Jennifer and bring her a
little present from me.  So here is a picture
of Jennifer holding one of my felt ornaments,
a little token of good luck from across the world.

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  1. One of the most visited after dark markets in Bangkok is undoubtedly the Night Market Bangkok, proving popular for its central location and alternative entertainment for those not interested in the fashion.


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