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Friday, February 24, 2012

Alone Again

Me, Myself & I

The other day I read an article from
the New York Times about living alone.

And I realized I have had a parent,
sibling, roommate, husband or child
living with me for most of my life.  Maybe
that is why I love solitude ~ for about 3
days and why I don't know what to do
with myself after 3 days.

Every once in a while I go to New
Jersey and hang out with a cute
little black doggie.  I realized these
weeks of dog sitting are the longest
stretches of "alone time" that I've
had in my life.  This photo was taken
a few years ago, when both kids were
still at home, there were always kids
in and out of our house, the phone never
stopped ringing, etc.  And then, silence.
Well, maybe not silence, since I didn't know
how to be silent.  I talked to that poor
dog non-stop,  eventually she would get
up, look at me, I swear she rolled her
eyes, and would walk out of the room.

The last time I was in NJ I went out
with my old boyfriend, who has lived
alone his entire adult life.  I asked how
he dealt with eating, which is what I find
hardest to do alone.  He said, he rarely
sits down to eat, he just grabs something.
I can't do that, I still have to set the table
and light a candle. 

So this weekend, I'm going to be alone again.
Kate is at school, the guys are flying down to
South Carolina  and I'll be home ~ alone. 
 I like that I can stay up and work until all hours
and sleep half the day if I want, I can watch British
mysteries and not drive anyone else crazy, and
I'll be talking to my dog, but at least she is used
to me and acts like she is listening...
and it is only for 3 days.

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  1. Lucky you. I think I've only been alone for a couple hrs twice in 30 years. Husband or kids are always there. Actually my youngest is 16 and I wonder if I'll dread the house being silent when she leaves.