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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Handler

I was in a friend's car the other day
and she exclaimed, "Oh!  There's my
handler!"  and she picked up the device
shown above.  I asked what it was and
she told me you use it to pull open doors,
press the buttons on the ATM and other
places where germs may lurk.

I then guffawed and proceeded to tease
her.  But stopped when I realized it was
something I would probably use.  My friend
and I have wiped off restaurant tables with
sanitizing wipes and one of us usually whips
out the hand sanitizer before we eat. 
Think Niles Crane on Frasier...

I admit I have probably never flushed a
public restroom with my hand, no matter
how high that lever may be, I use my shoe.
I always take a paper towel in a public
restroom to open the door and then crumple
it and make a shot for the trash that could
put an NBA player to shame.

So just in case you too are one of the clean
freaks of the world, I thought I'd let you
know this product exists and you can find
it here:


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    1. Amy you are absolutely right, but there is scientific research to back it up. Exposure to germs and viruses helps the body to build up an immunity to those things. My doctor told me when the kids were little to let them get sick when they were little or they would end up going to school and catching every bug that passed them.
      I just have trouble with the "ick factor". Last night during the Super Bowl, I kept seeing the quarterbacks licking hteir fingers and all I could think was, "Oh! the germs..."


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