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Saturday, February 18, 2012

East, West, Home's Best

Why Go Out When Home Is So Fun?

Now that Mr. Wonderful & I are in
the "Honeymoon Cottage" stage of
our lives, (some may call it empty
nest), most Friday nights we head out
to a Mexican restaurant.  Mr. W usually
doesn't get home until after 9 on Fridays
and we find going out for a Margarita and
some nibbles is a great way to say, "whew,
we made it through another week" and to
plan what is in store for our weekend.
We both have jobs that usually include work
over the weekends so Fridays are a special
time to relax.  This weekend Kate is coming
home from Purdue and I asked her if she
wanted to go out for Mexican or stay home.
Without question she said ~ Home!
So I figured why not have a little Friday
Night Margaritaville party? 
I made homemade guacamole, mini sweet
peppers stuffed with whipped cream cheese
and topped with fig preserves and a good
old-fashioned 9 layer dip (think TGI Fridays
in the 80's).  The prep only took about an hour,
when Mr. W came home he became the bartender.
(He was a TGI Friday's bartender, in the 80's).
Gather a group of fun people, add a little toasting,
a little noshing and watch Paris When it Sizzles.
For over a decade, our kids spent every Saturday
night at Grammie's house and Mr. W & I had date
night.  For a number of years we went to plays,
concerts, dinners out, every Saturday.  Finally, one
of us said, can we stay home this week?  And the
other said, that would be great.  The new Saturday
night tradition of making a homemade feast began
and we still do this and after the meal we always
say, we couldn't have this good a meal out.
Home is best!

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