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Monday, February 20, 2012

Road Trip: Indiana University ~ Bloomington

On the road again...

First of all, let me apologize for the
poor picture quality, in typical Murphy's
Law fashion, my battery died in my camera
as soon as I got there, my back-up camera
was at home, so I had to use my ipod.  Sorry...

Today I went to visit Indiana University
with Brennan.  IU is settled in the softly
rolling hills of southern Indiana, it is a
beautiful area.

When I think of what a great university
should look like ~ this is it.  There are
beautiful old limestone and brick buildings
with brick walkways through a wooded
campus under that gorgeous American
mid-western blue sky.  I love how much
of the campus is closed to vehicles.

The architecture is lovely.

We started with lunch at the Tudor Room.
It was like having lunch in the Great
Hall at Hogwart's.

Brennan then went off to his
research scholarship interview.

I took advantage of the fantastic
weather and walked around campus.

We still don't know where Brennan
will choose to go to school but I
wouldn't mind visiting this campus again.

Of course, that would mean we
would be a house divided ~ yikes!

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