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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Super Bowl Village

You've Come A Long Way Baby!

The Super Bowl has come to Indianapolis!

When I first moved here, over 20 years
ago, Indianapolis was called India-No-Place.

And that was not an exaggeration.  Since
it is the state capital, people would come
to town on official business and work in
the office buildings downtown.  For "The
Month of May" the town is always hopping
for the Indy 500.  But otherwise, the town
would shut down at 5pm on the weekdays
and nothing happened on the weekends.
It was a ghost town.

Then someone had the idea to build
a mall in the middle of the downtown.
I thought ~ that's crazy! ~ the last
thing we need is another mall and no
one goes downtown.  I guess that's why
I'm not an urban planner, the downtown
became the hottest place to be.  I guess
it's like they say in the movies, " If you
build it, they will come."  Indy became the
hottest market in the country for
restaurant developers.

Another great thing about Indy is
everything is right downtown.  The
convention center, the mall, all the
clubs and restaurants.  And the sports
venues ~ Lucas Oil Stadium for football,
the Fieldhouse for basketball and hockey
and Victory Field for baseball.  (By the
way, I think Victory Field is one of the
most beautiful baseball stadiums.)

And now ~ The Super Bowl!

Mr. Wonderful and I decided to head
downtown and check out the Super
Bowl Village.  It was a beautiful night
with temps in the 50's ~ in January!

The zip line has been a very popular
attraction.  Look at the X in the sign and
you can see a person flying by.

There are performers.

And free concerts.

Come visit Indy any time and
experience a little Hoosier Hospitality.

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