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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Suffolk Puff

I would never claim to know eveything
about crafts.  In fact with my addiction to,
obsession with, recent introduction to
Pinterest, I learn at least one new thing
everyday.  And that's where I read about
the Suffolk Puff.  Many of you may know
it as a Yo-yo, that's what I've always called
it, I have heard it referred to as a rosette
as well, but a Suffolk Puff ~ never!

When I was a little girl, I'm thinking about
7 or 8, we were at our relatives house for
a holiday.  My older cousin had a girlfriend
over who had on a vest somewhat like the
one in the middle in the pattern above.  Even
at that age I had an interest in fashion and
asked her about it and she told me she made
it.  Wow!  I told my Mom on the ride home
and she said, 'Oh yeah, it was made from
yo-yo's, we used to make them when we were
young."  I felt like my Mother held the secrets
to the universe and I wanted her to share.
She did, and my life with the yo-yo began.

I still use yo-yo's.  Here they are in my
Pursuit of Scrappiness quilt pattern.

They are a big part of my
All Stars pattern.

They can be used in crafts.

They could make an interesting garland
for an old-fashioned Christmas tree.

You can stuff them to make jewelry. 
This was going to be a necklace or
a bracelet and the first photo showed
a brooch.

How do you make them, you may ask?
Nowadays, you can buy a tool to make
them and I use this when I want the
opening to have a finished edge.  These
tools come in variuos sizes and shapes.
You can make them as hearts and ovals
as well as circles.

Generally, I'm pretty old school when
it comes to yo-yo's.  I make them the
way my Mom taught me.  Draw a circle
on fabric, I usually use a small plate as
a template and cut out.  Thread a needle
and knot both ends together so you have
a double thread.  Take a tiny first stitch
and take another in the same spot, you
don't want the knot to pull through the
fabric.  Now stitch all the way around the
circle about 1/8" from edge.  I use a 3/8"
stitch when I make mine.  A good tip is
the larger your stitch, the smaller the hole
will be while the smaller the stitch, the
larger the hole.  Since I usually finish
my yo-yo's with a button, the raw edge
is covered.

Pull on the thread and gather the fabric
use your fingers to make the fabric settle
nicely and knot the thread firmly.  Add
a button as embellishment.

Make sure to pass your knowledge on
to future generations. Thanks Mum!

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