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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Me Time

Sometimes we all could use a little Me Time!

When you work in a creative field, the line between I am working and I am enjoying myself can become very blurred.  I think it is wonderful that I love what I do but I must be careful or I end up working ~ all the time.

That is how Me Time was started.  I needed to have some time to be with other people, out of my studio, and working on non-work projects.
We meet once a week and it is very informal.  People show up when they can and work on whatever creative thing makes them happy.  Sometimes we have a crowd and sometimes it is, well, just me at Me Time.

This winter I decided to work with woolens and embroidery.

This was today's project.

And as a special bonus, a lovely couple from Florida stopped in and asked if anyone would have any use for these old wooden spools of thread.  The shop owner said she knew the perfect person ~ it was me!

For my birthday a few weeks ago Rob gave me this
 beautiful spool cabinet and I need to fill it up. 

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