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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Suite Life ~ Budapest

When in the old country I want to feel like I'm in the old country.
When we were looking for a hotel in Budapest we were disappointed to see most were the typical American style hotel.  We didn't want our "home" in Budapest to look like a Hyatt or Hilton anywhere in the world.  We found out most of the hotels were bombed in World War II and most of the hotels in town were built from the 1950's onward.  We kept searching and found this place, the Kalvin Haz, the building is from the 19th century and it feels old world.

Yes, that is a piano in our living room.  This will be a great place to come home to during our stay in this beautiful city.

But, the sweetest thing of all was seeing this after our 8 hour snow delay in Munich.  Our driver was there for us even though we were VERY late.

Sweet dreams everyone, from Budapest.

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