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Monday, December 13, 2010

Munich, Germany ~ Day 2

A Busy Day in Munich

Today was a bitterly cold yet beautifully sunny day.  We had snow last night and as the sun came through the trees it made everything look like it had been sprinkled with glitter.

We visited Schloss Nymphenburg today.  This is where the royals would go to escape Munich.  It is only a short tram ride from the city center and you probably could walk to it in 30 minutes from the center of town.

The Baroque Palace is the birthplace of Ludwig II.

The palaces of this area were built with elaborate waterways so the royals could travel from one palace to another by water.  They brought in gondoliers from Venice and in many of the paintings you can see the gondolas.

When not traveling by water, they had other elaborate means of transport.

In the afternoon we toured the Royal Residence.  It seemed to be a never ending tour of gilded rooms, elaborate furniture and grand paintings.

We would not recommend touring both of these sites in one day but since we only have a limited time here we are trying to see as much as possible.

After a dinner of goulash and yes, yes, some more wurst,
 we headed home happily exhausted.

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