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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Trip to Sweden in One Day?

Well, sort of, we went here...

For you city slickers, you will be saying, "So what?".
But for those of us who live out in the hinterlands, going to Ikea is fun!
If we are not traveling during the winter school holidays we always do
a road trip to Ikea.  We have been to 2 near Chicago, one in Detroit the Christmas I fell off a ladder and was in a wheelchair (this was actually quite fun) and now the nearest one in Ohio.  Yes, I know gas is over $3.00 a gallon and it is 3 hours away but we needed stuff.

We always start the visit with lunch, I love the Swedish meatballs with
 lingonberry sauce.  I do miss the new potatoes they used to serve,
now it is mashed potatoes or is that just a Midwestern thing?

Dessert of course.

There was even a nice vegetarian option.

We walk through all the rooms, trying out the sofas, opening cabinet doors,
imagining decorating a little vacation place in Europe.

We bought lingonberries,

new glasses,

and lots of candles. 
We dine by candlelight every night and go through LOTS
of candles.  Ikea is our best source for tapers.

My favorite purchase was this beautiful pillow.
Now to unpack...

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