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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Night to Remember

December 31, 2008

A few years ago we were spending the holidays in New York City.
On New Year's Eve we fought our way through the already crowded streets in the theatre district.  The side streets were already blocked off and I had to talk my way past the NYPD to get to the theatre.
As soon as the matinee was over we toured the theatre.  Standing on a Broadway stage is always exciting no matter how many times you have done it.

Then we got to meet...

yeah, Harry Potter, or really Dan Radcliffe.
A very nice guy by the way.

We also met Kate Mulgrew.  My Kate is the biggest Black Donnelly's fan and she didn't even recognize Kate Mulgrew!  It was because she looked so pretty at the theatre and on the Black Donnellys she was... ah, kind of scary.

We headed home and had some dinner, we thought we'd meet some friends and celebrate the big night but some people were sick, we were cold and tired and decided to just hang out.
Somewhere between dinner and 11pm we revived.

We left our place in Hells Kitchen and started heading up 9th Ave.  The closest we could get to the Times Square area was at the south wall of Central Park!  There were so many people but we could see Times Square none the less.

After the countdown and the ball dropping and the kisses we turned around
and watched a beautiful fireworks display over Central Park.

Then we walked home via Times Square.  The only people there were us,
the police on horseback and the clean-up crews.  It is amazing that a
million people could disappear so quickly.  Where do they all go? 

Tonight we are spending the evening with family.  We will nosh,
 and toast and make some noise at midnight.

May you have a happy, healthy and successful 2011!
All the best,

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