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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Building the Empire

One Step at a Time

Rob said to me last month,
"Elle, I'm so busy I'm not
going to be around much."
I said, "Well, if that has to
happen it is a great time for
it because this is crunch time.
I'll see you in May!"  He made
a sad face and said," I'll see you
in Asia."  Ohhhh, that's in mid-June.
But OK, that's our life.

I read a piece by Paulo Coelho this week
that talked about viewing life as a grand
adventure vs. asking little of life.  The
piece was about dreams.  It said some
people think they have matured and are
at peace by asking for nothing grand
from life but really they have just settled.
He said your dead dreams can rot and
infect you and then you become cruel
to others and then cruel to yourself.
I'm a dreamer...

After two years of designing,
making, writing, testing, proofing
and printing, the new line of
American Homestead patterns
is out.  When the printer confirmed
a first run of 43,000 pages it made
me feel somewhere between
exhilaration and scared silly.
But that was the dream...

My friend who owns
The Quilt Shoppe in Anderson, IN
is busy getting ready for the
American Quilter's Society extravaganza
in Paducah, Kentucky next week.
The patterns will make their debut there.
If anyone is going to Paducah next
week stop by and say hello to Dawn
at Quilts & More, located at 104 Broadway
in downtown Paducah.  It's near the cow!

I think she's taking half the shop with her.
Including that little Lori Smith quilt
that I made, I've won a lot of ribbons
with that quilt including a Best in Show.

I was in the shop this morning
and autographed one of my patterns.
I walked into my bank and someone
said, hey I just bought some of
your patterns.  Yeah!

Keep Dreaming!


  1. Congratulations!! Your patterns look great!!

  2. Cool and congrats! Much success!

  3. Congratultions on your new pattern releases!!!

  4. I couldn't be happier for you. Your patterns are awesome. I'm so proud of you. May you have a lot of success with these patterns and the many more that come in the future.

  5. Congratulations! Those patterns look fantastic. I bet hearing that number made you nervous and scared! You'll do great though. I bet they will sell like hotcakes!


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