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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Dream Garden

One Can Dream...

From my studio, I have
great views of our back gardens,
 this is a little pond garden.

The pond & perennial borders.

The gazebo & evergreen borders.

The butterfly garden looking
towards My Farm.  My Farm is
just a little grouping of raising beds
where I grow my veggies.  It serves
its purpose, it's nice, but it is not
my dream...

This is.
It is the Kitchen Garden of
the Governor's Palace in
Williamsburg, Virginia.
And it want it to be mine...

I want to walk through
a gate like this and
collect my veggies for dinner.

It is quite a steep hill that
is terraced for the planting areas.

I would like to walk
out of my kitchen to
a brick paved terrace
covered by a pergola
planted with a flowering
vine that would attract
hummingbirds.  I'd sit
out there and look at what
was at the peak of perfection
and plan my menus.

And I wouldn't mind

having this pantry either.


  1. You and I have similar dreams. I just have several stairs to get to my garden.

  2. You and me both!!! Yes definitely my dream garden too!!!! I'll just keep dreaming LOL!!!!

  3. Yep, that's the garden made of dreams. Hehe, it looks beautiful! Such a wonderful place! The plants, the garden, the whole landscape is a thing of beauty. You can spend an entire day relaxing there or taking your time to tend the surroundings.

  4. I agree, we all can dream. Your dream garden looks great. Spending your day in a wonderful garden with a special someone would be lovely.

  5. Yeah, one can dream. And with that, my dream garden would simply be one that promotes outdoor living. :D A place where you can relax and dine with all the herbs and flowers around. And if it wouldn’t be too capricious, I want an outdoor hot tub! What can you say about that? :D

    1. Jeremy,
      I have an outdoor hot tub and I use it every night while I stargaze. Even in snow, rain or bitter cold I go in it just before bedtime. I would recommend it highly!

  6. An outdoor hot tub, Jeremy? Well, I think that’s a great idea! You could totally relax there especially when you are surrounded with beautiful plants and flowers You should really push for your idea! I’ll support you with that! Hehe! ;)


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