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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Ethnic Kitchen

What's In Your Fridge?

Okay, no bones about it,
it has been a long, rough
week and it's only Wednesday.
I knew the cupboard was bare
and decided to see what we
needed from the grocery store.
That's when I noticed we  really
had NOTHING to eat, we only
had condiments left and they
are all foreign.

Lots of paprika that I bought
in Budapest, Italian cheese...

Mexican and Asian sauces...

Lots of Indian chutneys and
sauces, Hungarian mustard,
Italian pesto...

Spanish olives, hummus,
mustard I bought at the
 Duty Free in Munich...

Tortillas, French goat cheese,

Leftover Chinese take away,
which may be dinner tonight
with the Baileys for dessert...

I guess I better head to
the grocery store!

What's in your fridge?


  1. I think you can make a "trip around the world" in your fridge!!! And Bayleys and mustard will be a nice and tasty combination....
    Happy shopping!!!

  2. I agree with Das Quiltmonster. You have a regular Smogardsbord in there. Have fun shopping.

  3. When my family comes to house sit they are afraid of many of the condiments that we have. Since we travel so much, we have acquired "international" tastes. Perhaps the "Foo Yee" (fermented chinese bean curd)is the most scary.


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