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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neat to Eat: Medovnicky

To Eat or Not To Eat?

At all the Christmas markets
along the Danube I kept seeing
these beautifully decorated cookies.

They are honey cakes
called Medovnicky and
people use them for decoration
but also to eat.  They are given
as favors at weddings as well.

I couldn't eat them because
I would feel like I was
eating a work of art ~ I
wouldn't want to destroy it.

When I was at the International
Quilt Festival in Houston I met
this lovely person from Australia.
I thought her embroidery looked
so much like medovnicky.

And back in my hotel
room I was working on
this.  I thought it was so
funny that a girl in Australia
and a girl in the USA could
both be working on something
so similar and they both looked
like something from Eastern Europe.

Small World...


  1. Both the embroideries look wonderful!!! It is a small world!!!
    Lovely pictures of the little decorated cookies!!!

  2. The girl from Australia is Rosalie Quinlan . . . and she is as lovely in person as your medovnickys look. I did a class with her and made the christmas version of her stitchery.


    I think I would have had trouble eating one of those works of art, too!

    Regards, Sue


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