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Friday, April 29, 2011

Paducah, Kentucky

On the Road Again...

I'm in Paducah Kentucky for
the American Quilter's Society

I'm thrilled to say my
quilts are safe and were not
destroyed by flood waters.
(It was a real concern
earlier in the week.)

The flood gates are up, the
Ohio River is high,
but so far so good.

A little, er... well, a lot
of water will not stop
quilters from gathering.

It is a beautiful day here
in Paducah and everyone
is out on the main drag
enjoying the sun and
some music.

The cafes are filling up.
I'll be in one later this evening.

I took advantage of this lovely
weather and strolled around
town to take some photos.

I love old towns, they
have so much character.

And history of the
 lives lived here.

If anyone is going to be
in Paducah this weekend
stop by Dawn's booth at
104 Broadway and say hi.
My quilts and new pattern
line are there.


  1. Lovely pictures you share with us, thanks!! And have a nice weekend over there!!!

  2. Looks as though the weather is behaving itself for you and everyone, have a lovely weekend!!!


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