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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Street Performers

Buskers is the term for people
performing in public places for money.

These performances date back
to antiquity.  The performers were
known as troubadours, minstrels,
street performers and buskers.

Busk comes from the Spanish "buscar",
meaning "to seek" - buskers are seeking
fame and fortune.

Busking is very common among
Gypsies or the Romani people
in Europe.

Many famous people have performed
on the street even after they have
become famous including Bruce Springsteen,
Sting, Jon Bon Jovi and Benjamin Franklin.

I am fascinated by them.
Many are quite strange but
I find that fascinating as well.

I will often choose the cafe
I will visit by the musicians nearby.
 I have heard Gypsy Orchestras in European
Metro Stations where the acoustics are
fabulous that I consider to be some of the
greatest performances I've ever heard.

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