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Monday, February 14, 2011

The First Date

How It All Started

I will often show people this picture
and say this is why I married my husband.
Just my type of guy, tall, dark & handsome,
and he was Irish and nice!
The first time I met him, my heart
fluttered and I thought, how strange,
that never happened before.

We met at a college that is located
on top of a mountain overlooking
New York City.  So, New York
was our playground.

And then, we had our first date...

We had dinner at the infamous Wo-Hops
on Mott St. in New York's Chinatown.
Wo-Hop's is a 24 hour restaurant and
if you go at 4am, there will be a line. 
I have a long history with this place
but that is another story for another
time.  We ate downstairs, of course and
had lemon chicken, my favorite.

We then headed uptown to Joe Allen's on
restaurant row in the theatre district for drinks.
This place has been around almost my entire
life, it is a mainstay of the theatre district.

When we left Joe Allen's it was snowing
and we decided to go see the tree at
Rockefeller Center.  Somehow Rob
convinced the security guard to let us on
the ice at the closed rink.  And there we
were frolicking under the tree, in the snow.

Sometimes I think we had to get married,
just so we could tell this story for the
rest of our lives.  It was a perfect
New York date and I guess something
was right since it was 29 (!) years ago.

Now we have taken our kids to Wo-Hops
and 30 Rock and always smile when
we walk down restaurant row.

Happy Valentine's Day Mr. Wonderful,
you still make my heart flutter.


  1. Awww I never knew that story. Once everyone graduated I was left behind to complete another year and I lost contact. So glad we have re-connected.


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