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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kindred Spirits

New Friends, Old Friends & New Old Friends

Through the wonders of modern
technology we can be in touch with
the entire world.  I'm involved in some
online groups where fellow fiber artists
can share our versions of the projects
we are working on.

Just this morning I heard from Helen
in Australia about our common interest
in vintage sewing notions. 

I also get to see what Regina is doing
in Germany though I always have to
ask her to translate to English for me.
Thanks Regina!

Very often in my life I've found
special people who fit into a particular
area of my life.  We may share the
need for creativity or books or
history in our lives.  We may love
the outdoors or antiques or travel.

I recently reconnected with an old
friend through social networking.
This is my "new old friend" ~ someone
I know better now than I did when
we were young.  We share a love
of history and antiques, we are
history buddies.

He told me of a house he inherited,
filled with antiques and old stuff.
Though he could give many things
away, all the old sewing machines
and patterns and fabric and buttons
were thrown away because in the area
 he lives in these things aren't valued.

My heart was broken, I dream of
all the beautiful old things.  I once had
an old machine that was in terrible
shape so I saved the metal parts from
it because they were just so beautiful.

But I won't hold that against
him because when you connect
with a person that you feel you
could have a conversation with
for the rest of your life, that is
something to be treasured.

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  1. Wonderful old things, especially the sewing-machine!! And I think I should start to post in English too because there are some others from non-German-speaking countries.... But if there are any questions I'll try to answer them!!!
    Greetings from Regina


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