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Friday, February 11, 2011


Seeking An Escape From the Dullness of Winter

Though I love the change of the
seasons, this winter has seemed
especially long .

Each day as I walk the icy trail
with the bitterly cold wind stinging
my skin, I dream of gardens.

I have always wanted to be like
Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden
and stumble upon a forgotten gem
that I will share with only the birds
and a few special people.

Though I love to be around people,
there is a part of me that loves solitude.

I love time to be alone with my thoughts.

To listen to the songs of the birds
or the splash of the fountain.

A place to settle in with a good book.

A place to retreat to,
to whisper secrets to a friend.

Or a romantic refuge where you can
enjoy kissing someone you love...

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