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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chatuchak Market ~ Bangkok

The Largest Outdoor Market

The Chatuchak Market is a sprawling
market in Bangkok that covers 27 acres.

It is a weekend market where
you can find everything, even
the drinks were interesting.

My heart went out to this little
old lady, she was one of the
sellers!  She had some cough
drops and candy in a little plastic
bag.  It was so hot and she was
struggling with every step.
She was still smiling though...

I could have taken home half of
 this booth of celadon pottery.

The cakes looked great but
in this heat who wants a cupcake?

These were tiny fruits like ones
you would put in a doll house.

This lady was preparing a wide
range of interesting dishes.

We really live in a flip
flop world these days.

This guy had feather dusters
around one shoulder that made
him look like he was wearing
them and beautiful bundles
of peacock feathers in his
other hand.  Now that should
be a challenge on Project Runway!

Durian Fruit.
It is an asian delicacy, some say
it smells of almonds, I say it smells
of death.  There are hotels and
hospitals that ban the fruit.

These are toppings for ice cream!
I saw a guy go for the corn, red bean
and sticky rice trifecta...

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