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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feasting in Egypt


One of the great things about
travel is to try new things.  We
love to sample the local cuisine
as we go from place to place.

Last night we ate at Felfela.
It came highly recommended
to us.

We are traveling with a vegetarian
and when we asked about veggie
restaurants we were told no one
in Egypt is vegetarian.  But, they do
eat a lot of vegetables so this
restaurant would be great for us.
It was...
Hummus, tahini, kebab, kofta
& falafel as light as a feather 
~ it was all delicious!

When we asked for directions at our
hotel it was decided it was much
easier to have one of the young boys
in the family walk us there.  He took
us through deserted alleyways and
then we were right at the restaurant.
After he left I asked, "How will we
get home?"  The reply was,
"We'll take the dark alley to the
even darker alley!"

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