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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Pattaya, Thailand

It is not the most beautiful beach
I have ever been on but it
certainly was the most entertaining.
You sit beneath a sea of beach umbrellas
to protect you from the strong sun.
You pay for a fabric chair and wooden
tables and someone is there to get
you cold drinks all day or they can
get you a meal from any cuisine.

But the show was on the beach.
Here is a man trying to sell fabric
flowers to Katie.

Don't like your outfit?  No worries,
you can buy another one.

Not my decor but it is available.

We ate beautiful fruits and prawns
and crab with hot chile sauce.

You could pay this person to
release a bird for you which
is considered good luck.

My favorite thing was getting
a foot & leg massage in
my beach chair.

I'm going back tomorrow!

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