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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amsterdam Flower Market

The Flower Market District

Our home in Amsterdam is located
 in the Flower Market District.

This morning I went out
on my own to explore and
take pictures in the early
morning light.  Amsterdam
has such beautiful light you
can understand why so many
 great painters worked here.

Located between two bridges
along the Singel canal, the
market was just coming alive
this morning when I got there.

In Dutch it is known as
the Bloemenmarkt but
even on the local trams
 it is referred to as
the Flower Market.

The Dutch have had a long
history with bulbs and from
the looks of things they seem to
still have quite an interest.  I
saw bulbs today like I have
never seen before.

Established in 1892 the market
started when vendors would pull
their barges up to the shore.
It is said to be the world's only
floating flower market.  The shops
are actually houseboats but you wouldn't
know that unless you looked
at them from the back.

The locals are crazy about
their flowers, you see them
tucked under their arms or
in the basket of their bicycles.
I saw a handsome man around
lunchtome today with an
enormous bouquet of white
roses mixed with a beautiful
purple flower.  I couldn't help
wonder who he was delivering
those to.

I figured, "when in Holland..."
and brought these home to
the Amsterdam Homestead.

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