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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sometimes Dreams Come True

Giza, Egypt

I have long had a fascination
with Egypt.  As a student of
Fine Art I took many art history
classes and one of my favorites was
the Ancient Art of the Near East.
I have visited Egyptian collections
in many museums but I always knew I'd
have to see Egypt some day.

Today we traveled to Giza
to view the Sphinx and the
three most famous pyramids
of the 100+ known pyramids
in Egypt.

I touched the only remaining
wonder of the Seven Wonders
of the Ancient World.  We all
decided today that one's education
is not complete until you go out in the
world and experience different cultures.

From across the desert we could
hear the noon time call to prayer.

We rode camels through the desert.

And visited the majestic Sphinx.

Sadly, you may notice there are
no crowds at this very popular
tourist site.  Egypt is experiencing
an 80% reduction in tourism since
the revolution earlier in the year.
I have to say we have been treated
very nicely everywhere we have
gone and feel quite safe.

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