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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Anything that can go wrong...

Murphy's Law for Frequent Flyers

1.  No flight ever leaves on time unless you are
 running late and need the delay to make the flight.

2.   If you are running late for a flight, it will depart
from the farthest gate within the terminal.

3.   If you arrive early for a flight, it inevitably
will be delayed.

4.  Flights never leave from Gate #1 at any
terminal in the world.

5.   If you must work on your flight you will
experience turbulence as soon as you
touch pen to paper.

6.   Only passengers seated in the middle seat
have to get up to go to the lavatory.

7.   The crying baby on board is always seated
next to you.
This one is ok with me, I love babies!

8.   The less carry-on luggage space available
on an aircraft, the more carry-on luggage
passengers will bring aboard.

1 comment:

  1. Murphy is everywhere: thread always ends 1 inch before stitching is ready!!!!