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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Night Train to Chaing Mai

Transport and Hotel in One!

We are leaving Bangkok and heading
north to Chaing Mai.  Rob & Kate, and
maybe the monk are guarding all the
luggage in the train station.  The Monk
can travel through all of his life with
his robes and the one little satchel.
Not so for the Murphys, making an
around the world journey and going
from just below the North Pole to
near the equator means you have to
pack a varied wardrobe.

It seemed like all of humanity
was sprawled out on the floor
of the station.  People were eating,
sleeping, dressing, flirting ~
I was thinking about the germs...
Kate & I decided that train station
toilets had to be better than train
toilets so off we went, while there
we heard a shout that we had to board
NOW.  So, sorry no train shots.

Once aboard everyone had a bite
to eat, we had stopped at a store
and made some sandwiches but
Mick & Brennan had what was
offered on the train ~ it was ok.
There was a group of French people
with an old bucket filled with
champagne and wine on ice.
The French know how to dine in
style no matter where they are.

And then it was bed time.
The seats were converted into
beds and everyone quieted down
and slept.  I found the rocking
of the train to be very soothing.

I watched dawn break over
the northern Thailand jungle.

The scenery was spectacular.

It's morning and the train
begins to wake up.

This guy folded up the beds
and had all the new linens
packed and ready for the
next night.

Our 12 hour trip somehow
turned into a 17 hour trip.
No apology, no explanation,
I guess you just get there
when you get there.

But with scenery like this
we didn't have many complaints.

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