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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Van Gogh Museum


The thing I wanted to do
above all others in Amsterdam
was to visit the Van Gogh museum.
We all decided it was worth it to
skip lunch to fit this into our schedule.

I wish they would only
take me as I am.
    ~ Vincent

It took me a long time to
fall in love with Vincent.
When I was young, I loved
the beauty of Monet, Manet
and Renoir.  I thought Vincent's
work was too chaotic, too severe.
Then, I matured, as an artist and
a person and I fell head over heels
with the brilliance of his work.

I put my heart and my
soul into my work and have
lost my mind in the process.
     ~ Vincent

Almond Blossoms was painted as
a present for his nephew Vincent.

I feel there is nothing more
truly artistic than to love people.
     ~ Vincent

I find it a bit sad the
THE Van Gogh Museum
has so few of his major
works.  I realize this is
a money issue but would
love to see some  of his
masterpieces come here.

Happiness...it lies in the joy
of achievement, in the thrill
of creative effort.
   ~ Vincent

Of The Bedroom, Vincent
said, "the colour has to do
the job here."  He also
considered Black & White
as the 4th pair of
complementary colours.
I agree.

I dream of painting and
then I paint my dream.
    ~ Vincent

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  1. I hope you don't mind I piggy back on your world tour. Sounds just so fascinating!

    I got interested in the CW BOW again and was snooping around the Flickr album and before I knew it, I found myself here in Iceland ;)

    I did Block 22 Blockade according to your tutorial and it turned out great, so I am now back tracking my blocks with your clear tutorials and lets see how many I can completed before you come home!

    Thanks so much. Have a great time. BTW, love Vincent Van Gogh.