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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Land of the Midnight Sun

How Do They Sleep?

Okay, I admit it, I was wrong.
I knew there was going to be
a lot of sunlight in June in
Iceland but I thought it would
actually get dark.  No.  It never
got dark last night.

We went out walking after
midnight last night and it
felt like it was early evening.

As a person who feels there
aren't enough hours in a day ~ I
think this could be great.
But then I have to ask myself
what would it be like in the
winter when there is only 2 hours of
sun.  Would I hibernate like a bear?

We could tell that we were
on the dark side of the globe
but we could see the light on
the light side coming over
the North Pole.

We had hoped to be able
to see the Northern Lights
but without any darkness
I guess that can't happen.

We finally got to sleep
somewhere between 2am
& 3am and when we woke
up this morning the sun
was a bright as mid afternoon.


  1. I'm glad I get to go along on this journey

  2. Aww..reminds me of Alaska. In the summer it feels like you finally get to stretch out after being in the fetal position all winter. You get such a burst of enthusiasm and energy. And forget about 4th of July celebrations: you can't see any fireworks! I love Midnight suns but they don't quite make up for long winters.

    Love your pictures. Iceland looks like it has a clean, small-town feel. See if you can pick yourself up an eye-mask, it works wonders for sleeping while it's light out!