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Friday, June 10, 2011

I am sterdam

Amsterdam was one of
those places I always figured
I'd get to one day, it just wasn't
at the top of the list of my must-sees.

What was I thinking?
This place is great!  I guess I
always heard about the red
light district and the relaxed
drug laws and thought of it as
a bit seedy.  Not so.  This is a
beautiful city filled with canals
rippling out from the city center.

There are beautiful buildings
everywhere you look.

It has lovely tree shaded streets.

And if you grow tired
of looking at all the beauty
on the land, you can find
more on the canals.

This is a city mad for its
flowers, so be sure to stop and
notice all the beautiful plantings.

The canal houses are quite
narrow with either steep
staircases or spiral stairs.
They can't get furniture up
these stairs so they are pulled
up from the street and taken 
in through large upper windows.

This is the church around
the corner from the building
Anne Frank lived in when they
went into hiding.  They were not
allowed to go near the windows
but they could hear the sound
of the church bells though
they could never see it.

Lovely Amsterdam ~ I
can't wait to return.

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