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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exploring in Cairo

The Churches & Mosques of Cairo

While in Cairo we spent a day
exploring the Coptic Christian
churches and Islamic Mosques.

We found out the history of
both religions in Egypt and
our guide Rasha could give us
information on the similarities
and the differences between
the two.

There were beautiful
carvings and paintings.

The interior of a Coptic Church.

In Coptic Churches there are
usually 12 pillars representing
the 12 apostles and one of them
is always black, that is the one
for Judas.

This Nunnery was located on
the street leading to the church
that is built over the home of
Joseph, the Virgin Mary and Jesus.
This is where they lived in
Cairo when they made their
flight to Egypt.

We visited beautiful mosques
some said to be too beautiful
to be mosques.  Even in the
heat of midday in Cairo this
courtyard was very comfortable
and breezy as long as you
stayed in the shade.

This mosque had massive chandeliers
that sounded like windchimes when
the wind would hit the glass.

Every mosque has a mihrab
which shows you the direction
to Mecca.  That is the direction
in which you would pray.  You
can see in the carpet how people
will line up in rows for prayer.

Each place we visited
took our breath away
with its beauty.

The kids climbed this tower
while the older people
sat in the shade and waved
to them as they climbed.

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