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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Love in Cairo

History & Shopping

While visiting Cairo I was
able to experience two things
I love ~ history & shopping.
We were happy to find the
Egyptian Museum in very good
shape after the Revolution.  We
had heard news reports of
destruction but we found it
in remarkably good condition.

Especially when you consider this
photo I took from the museum
garden of the government
building next door.

The Museum has a vast collection
of ancient artifacts.  I guess I'm used
to museums with high tech security
and display cases with humidity
 controls, etc.  This place looks like
Howard Carter found Tut's tomb,
some wood & glass cases were
built and things haven't been touched
since.  It was charming and gave
such a sense of history.

On the second floor is the
collection of artifacts from the
tomb of the boy king, Tutankhamun.
King Tut's tomb was the only one
to be found mostly intact, there is
speculation that there were a few
minor grave robbers soon after burial,
but then it was undisturbed until
found by Howard Carter in the
early 20th century.
We had quite a tutorial on the
"soap opera" lives of the Ancients.
Did you know King Tut's Step Mother
was Nefertiti?  Who was also his

The other love?  That would
be shopping.  No, not in a mall,
but in the souq.  I must confess,
after this photo was taken I broke
a Mommy Rule and lost my kid
in the souq.  I realize he is almost
18 but I still worried.

Sadly, the Egyptian economy
suffered a loss that day due to my
losing track of Brennan.  I was ready
 to buy but was too distracted to
 pay much attention to the things for
sale.  I did pick up a delicious
 turquoise pashmina though.

As for Brennan?  He was hanging
out in the right cafe, at the right
time,  just as we had planned.

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