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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Grand Palace ~ Bangkok, Thailand

We have arrived in Bangkok,
Thailand and visited the
Grand Palace.

On the grounds of the Grand Palace
is the Royal Monastery of the
Emerald Buddha.  This building
houses a Buddha found in 1434. 
The statue was made of plaster and
was thought to be an ordinary Buddha
image.  A Monk noticed the plaster
flaking off and beneath it was green,
thought to be emerald.  It actually
was carved from a block of jade.

People use these flowers to sprinkle
their heads with water.  You must remove
your shoes in the building and sit with your
feet pointing away from the Buddha.
The Buddha wears elaborate costumes
that are changes three times a year in
ceremonies presided over by the King.

Offerings are made to Buddha,
such as flowers, burning incense,
and here, people attach small bits
of gold leaf to a Buddha statue.

The Upper Terrace.
In this area, sacred
scriptures are stored.

This area is used for
state ceremonies such as
the birthday of the King.

This area is used to receive
foreign ambassadors and for
state banquets for visiting
Heads of State.

Borom Phiman Mansion

While visiting the Palace I kept
thinking of Anna Leonowens
of The King & I.  The truth of
the book and movies have been
disputed but she did come here
alone with just her young son and
taught the Royal Children.  It
must have been exciting and
frightening at the same time.


  1. Sawadee ka Ellen!

    I am so enjoying your travels, in fact you're now in the North of my country Malaysia.

    Thai food is top notch ... and it's now the mango season ... enjoy!

  2. thank you
    Welcome to Thailand