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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life in the Country ~ Iceland

Arbaejarsafn Museum

We took a local bus out to
the country to visit a living
history museum.

For the girl who likes old stuff
this was a perfect way to spend
an afternoon.

Houses were moved and
preserved to show the history
of Iceland.  The museum shows
a town square, a village and a farm.

These sod covered houses
offered protection from the
cold North Atlantic winds.

The interiors reflect the style
of the house.  This is the simple
furnishings of a farm family.

I'm sure the coffee and
mittens were very important
to this family.

This house showed wealthier
people.  Everything had to be
imported to Iceland, even the
coal for their stoves.

Even today many things
have to be imported.
The only things that grow
well in Iceland are rhubarb
and root vegetables.

Beautiful Icelandic horses.

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