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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Everyone's Idea of Heaven Is Different, I Suppose...

Growing up I thought heaven was going to
 look like this.  We'd be in long, flowing robes
bouncing about the clouds with the
cherubim and seraphim.
I still hope there is a heaven but I have
different hopes for what it will be.

For me, I hope Heaven will be a beautiful garden,

with a library, where I can continue to read
and dream and explore,

and my studio.

The studio would be filled with trims and ribbons,


and buttons,

and all things needed for creativity.

Most importantly, I hope this studio will be
filled with a creative spirit.

My friend Melissa and I met probably 25 years
ago.  We met when we were both working at
an advertising agency and found we both lived
in Rahway, New Jersey.  And that was the
start of a fabulous friendship that continues
to this day.  Now I live in the Midwest and
Melissa is in Virginia but we still make magic happen.

Kate and Melissa and I will meet up, usually
in Williamsburg, Virginia and the creative
sparks fly.  We show our work since the last
time we got together, show new techniques
and we can't wait to get our hands on something
creative.  There is an electricity flying about the
room and that is the feeling I want to feel for eternity.

Until it's my time to find out what heaven is all about,
I'll hang out with my friends

and try to be creative,

and experience my idea of Heaven on Earth.

What do you think Heaven will be?

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